Checking the forecasts the hard way 😉

Already some days in advance the very good gliding conditions for the Tuesday, 2019-05-07, were predicted.

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I mean, I’ve never seen anything like it before in Central Europe.
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… Bernd wrote to the audience on Sunday evening.

He also set off on Tuesday to check the forecast. He flew his second 1,000 km flight in Europe this year. The flight is to be looked up in the OLC.

The extent of the good weather had shifted further north in the two days since the Sunday’s forecast. The time of the passage of the cold front had not changed significantly.

The rigging was set up during drizzle early morning. But the window of good weather approached very fast. The predicted weather conditions then fitted perfectly with the flown area. The cloud bases and the PFD were very consistent, which Ralf Freyer confirms with his comment in the OLC.

Many thanks for this valuable feedback!

We have added some nice impressions from the flight to the gallery below!

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