TopMetSat – In-flight Weather

From all of our products, In-Flight weather has the biggest impact on flight safety. We all have experienced how quickly the weather can evolve enroute. And how often does the pilots eye focused on the overcast ahead, not really knowing, if there is the whole in the clouds at the destination.

So, we decided to create TopMetSat. This app for iOS and Android allows to load and visualise current satellite and radar images during your flight. We have adapted the patent pending image loading process to deal with the inconsistent mobile networks in altitude. The app ergonomics are suitable to in-flight usage. Once linked to the TopMeteo subscription it cares for frequent updates, if needed. Therefore the app monitors the network status and automatically updates the current image.

Radar in TopMetSat
Flying alongside a quick moving cold front

And it is worth it! For example, if you start to feel uncomfortable with

  • overdevelopment in your area
  • overcast
  • spreadouts
  • or thunderstorms

you can have an overview of the situation with one tap.

TopMetSat in Action

Or if your mission is to optimize a gliding flight learn about the

  • cumulus
  • spread outs
  • overdevelopment
  • cloud streets
  • or blue thermals

along your way to the next turnpoint.

Make a safer and better decision regarding the execution of your flight.

TopMetSat is available for iOS and Android and requires a valid TopMeteo subscription with TopMetSat-option. It covers the TopMeteo regions Europe and southern Africa.

The listed products can be selected in TopMetSat and can all be animated as a three picture video

  • Visible satellite picture
  • Composit for day and night
  • Fog analysis
  • Visible image combined with false colour for high (cold) clouds
  • False colour image (which has the same appearance during day and night time)
  • Weather radar (in many regions)
  • Lightning for Europe
  • Cloud tops and Ceiling (as flight level and colour code)
  • Hourly precipitation (Germany only)
  • 24h-precipitation sum (Germany only)

Blog reports with the usage of the app

About the App

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