The seventh 1,000 km flight in 2019

In an earlier article, we had Bernd Goretzki tell us how he approaches the planning of the 1,000 km and 1,000 point flights. Here you can read how the flights and the interview continue!

PFD-forecast two days in advance

We check our predictions ourselves

Already some days in advance the very good gliding conditions for the Tuesday, 2019-05-07, were predicted…

TopMetSat – reconsidered gliding flight

On 19.08.2018 I took off for a tourist glider flight . This led me from Jena finally to Regensburg. While I was still digging in the warm air in the Vogtland TopMetSat showed me that it was much better developed south of the border to Bavaria. At the Fichtelgebirge I discovered a great Cumulus line in the satellite image at the northern edge of the Danube valley – nothing but there.

Trip to the AirRace, Budapest 2017

Travelling to the RedBull AirRace in Budapest is a great experience. Especially, if you fly there on your own.

Around the world in a glider

A real option close to Meppen, Emsland, Germany.

On 08.07.2018, one day after the successful completion of the Euroglide, I flew from Venlo into the Emsland. North of Meppen, at the old Hüntel power plant,  I was able to circumnavigate the world. Along the equator it was the fastest. With the South Pole, however, no pilot has yet taken up the challenge!