PFD-forecast two days in advance

We check our predictions ourselves

Already some days in advance the very good gliding conditions for the Tuesday, 2019-05-07, were predicted…

TopMetSat – reconsidered gliding flight

On 19.08.2018 I took off for a tourist glider flight . This led me from Jena finally to Regensburg. While I was still digging in the warm air in the Vogtland TopMetSat showed me that it was much better developed south of the border to Bavaria. At the Fichtelgebirge I discovered a great Cumulus line in the satellite image at the northern edge of the Danube valley – nothing but there.

Trip to the AirRace, Budapest 2017

Travelling to the RedBull AirRace in Budapest is a great experience. Especially, if you fly there on your own.

Around the world in a glider

A real option close to Meppen, Emsland, Germany.

On 08.07.2018, one day after the successful completion of the Euroglide, I flew from Venlo into the Emsland. North of Meppen, at the old Hüntel power plant,  I was able to circumnavigate the world. Along the equator it was the fastest. With the South Pole, however, no pilot has yet taken up the challenge!