TopMetSat – reconsidered gliding flight

On 19.08.2018 I took off for a tourist glider flight . This led me from Jena finally to Regensburg. While I was still digging in the warm air in the Vogtland TopMetSat showed me that it was much better developed south of the border to Bavaria. At the Fichtelgebirge I discovered a great Cumulus line in the satellite image at the northern edge of the Danube valley – nothing but there.

The edge of the track southeast of Bayreuth is clearly visible.

TopMetSat shows the developed line from a position near Roth. Before I took a shortcut through the airspace Charlie of Nuremberg. Munich Radar: “D-Kilo triple uniform, make sure you stay above FL65 ;-)”. The Danube valley rewarded me with a really beautifully developed line. I was able to follow it from Donauwörth to the Beuron monastery, with a 60′ average of 140 km/h.