User guide

We designed that small guide to help you to familiarize yourself with the website.

The website is divided into 4 parts:

  • the “Forecast Maps” : overview of the meteorological situation on a map and easily compare the information (cloud cover, visibility, winds and their evolution, hour by hour).
  • the “Sat/Radar” : see satellite images. These “live” data are good to confirm the weather forecast.
  • the “Site Forecast” : get, on one page, the weather information of the airfield you want. It is perfect to have a closer look.
  • the “METAR/TAF” : get access to all the TAF and METAR available in your route. It is ideal to plan a trip.

You can find a quick guide for each part, by clicking on their name.

Few generalities about the website: You can select language and time zone at the bottom of each page. To set the units and have access to your personal information, you can click on your name at the top or on “subscription” at the bottom of each page. On that footer, you can find also a link to the FAQ and help pages. Last tip, all the dropping menu are shown as a pile of three dashes next to the name of the item currently selected.

Choose your region of interest

TopMeteo has different websites: for Europe, Southern Africa and North America but the organization is similar within all of them. You can select which area is covered by the map (basically the region that covers the flight) on the upper right corner. By clicking on the name of the region, a dropdown menu let you choose your region of flight. You can find more information about the different forecast regions here.