Site Forecast

The forecast site is perfect to have a closer look at the weather expected in your area. The table allows you, in just one page, to follow the evolution of the weather along the day for a specific location!

To specify the location, go first to “site forecast“. Then choose precisely a location by entering its name or gps coordinates (green arrow). Alternatively, you can click on “location search in map” and simply click on a map where you wish to have the information for (yellow arrow). Finally, you can look at your search history and select your favourites places on the airport dropdown menu (red arrow).

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The products: As for the Forecast Maps, you can find all the products on the left. They are organised in the same logical way (potential of the day, cloud forecast, particular weather, winds and temperature). You can find a legend at the bottom of the table. We try to have a very graphic representation: In addition of the value, the color is giving you a quick overview of the evolution of the “meteorological strength”. As for the forecast map, your favourites products are highlighted by stars. You can clic on a star to add the product or remove it from the list of favourites. We have already selected some products according to your activity. You can toggle the view to get only your favourites displayed by clicking on “Show favourites only“.

Navigate throught days and customize the time of your table: You can change the date by clicking on it or by using the big arrows on the side of the table. You can also customise your table to start at a different time or having a bigger time interval, these setting options are available top right just above the table.